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Through eco art, Hayes seeks to raise awareness of the beauty, suffering and significance of our planets water world and the collective origin of all life. To share his physical and emotional attractions to the natural ecology of our planets oceans, Hayes uses fluid, vibrant lyrical abstractions and organic concepts. Poured and slowly built up oil paintings convey an aged patina and craftsmanship that sets his work apart from earlier 1960's color-filled techniques. Every work pulls the viewer into an expansive surface of virtually limitless space beneath a viscous surface.


The fragility and susceptibility of the ocean's eco-systems, some viable and abundant , others endangered or disfigured, are visually captured under Hayes' brush. Conveying the disastrous effects of use and abuse and The demise of timeless species - fish, coral, kelp, mollusks and their ecological niches are seen in diffused colors. Creating the sensation of traversing through and atmosphere of ethereal familiar and unfamiliar elements.



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